You may wonder why we have this section on our site.  Most veterinarians and animal hospitals simply give you a mission statement filled with big words that tell you WHAT they do, but few share WHY they do it!  We are strong believers in a three level approach to life that starts with WHY (our driving motivation for action), extends to HOW (specific actions that are taken to realize our Why), and ends with WHAT (the tangible ways in which we bring our Why to life).

Because we are so passionate about pets and ensuring they live long and happy lives, we wanted to share our WHY, HOW and WHAT with you, our clients and our friends. This is a bit of a lengthy read but hope it gives you a thorough understanding of who we are and what motivates us.

Why (our driving motivation)

Pets enhance and enrich our lives.  They make us happy and through the joy they bring us, they help us live longer and healthier lives. Pets can even give us a reason and purpose to live!

Pets enhance our live in so many ways!

  • The police dog that protects and may even save the life of his law enforcement partner
  • The cat who is a widow’s only companion after her husband has passed away
  • The college student who is off on his own for the first time, but has his best friend by his side to help him adjust to college life
  • The husband and wife whose kids have grown up but now have new kid who makes them laugh and fill their empty nest
  • The only child who dresses up her cuddly kitten in baby doll clothes
  • The highschooler who just broke up with her first boyfriend and holds her cat, sharing her pain but also her relief for the comfort her furry friend brings
  • The rancher who relies on his dog to herd his cattle so none are lost and his ranch is profitable as a result

Regardless of the purpose; our pets enhance, enrich, and make our lives better and we want them safe, healthy, and around for years to come so they can continue to do so!

How (specific actions that are taken to realize our Why)

Our WHY is the important role pets play in our lives and our desire to keep those pets healthy and happy.  The way in which we do this is our HOW.

Our doctors know how important your pet is to you and doesn’t see your pet as just an animal but truly as a member of your family. While we offer a range of services and never pressure you to give more treatment than needed, our doctors always provide information and recommendations for the best care because they want to see your pet live as long as possible and have few health problems.  Our doctors are committed to making the same recommendations to you that they would make for their own pets.

Our staff, like our doctors, consist only of people who love pets and have pets of their own, so they know just how important your pet is to you.

Our pet care technicians don’t just perform procedures, but perform additional examinations, looking for lumps and bumps on your pet that could pose potential problems.

Our receptionists are some of our most passionate pet lovers who sympathize and even cry with you when it is time to say goodbye to a beloved pet.  They understand you are busy and have alot going on in your life; they let you know when your pet needs an important vaccination and remind you of exams.

Additionally, we are focused on:

  • Performing routine exams on a regular basis (at least every 6 months)
  • Obtaining a thorough history of every pet, their environment, and their owner
  • Performing thorough exams, preemptively looking for problems
  • Recommending only the healthiest diets to prevent adverse problems early in life
  • Maintaining teeth, so our pets can give us kisses without smelly breath and that their heart, liver, and kidneys remain healthy
  • Providing pets with a secure and safe place to board while you are away, with a doctor on staff to take care of them should they suddenly fall ill


What (the tangible ways in which we bring our Why to life)

The benefits of the services, true concern, and genuine compassion we provide is to see that your pet is healthier, happier, and able to give you more of the love, joy, and companionship that you need.

Our services help provide:

  • A pet that is free of disease that not only makes it sick but could also make you and your family sick
  • A pet that lives a longer life than it would have otherwise, which in turn helps you live a longer life
  • A pet that is here to give you more love, more laughter, more joy in your life
  • A pet that lives a longer and better quality of life
  • A pet that isn’t a burden because it is ill and has become a financial strain on the rest of the family
  • A more fulfilling life for you and for your pet