Stockton Hill Animal Hospital is always more than happy to accommodate your pet while you are away. We provide all the necessary creature comforts to keep your friend content whether you are away for a day or several.

Vaccines must be current and administered by a veterinarian at the time of your pet’s stay. Should your pet be lacking any necessary vaccines, we would be more than happy to get bring them up to date. Vaccines needed for boarding dogs are the following: DHLPP, CORONA, BORDATELLA, and RABIES. Vaccines needed for boarding cats are the following: FDVR, FELV, and RABIES. We also board birds and small animals which no vaccines are necessary for these critters.

Should you take your pet with you during your travels, you may want to consider the AVID chip. This small microchip is inserted under your pet’s skin and your personal information is linked to this chip should your pet be scanned using a specialized scanner. You must first register your pet with AVID for a small fee before any of your personal information is linked to your pet’s AVID chip. Should your pet get lost during your travels, AVID is nationwide and lost pets have chances of reuniting with their families quicker than that of wearing a tag alone. Stockton Hill Animal Hospital offers AVID microchip placement should you wish to have this service performed for your pet.

We hope that your time away will be pleasant knowing that your pet will be lodging with us at Stockton Hill Animal Hospital.


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