Stockton Hill Animal Hospital is teaming up with the #1Veterinarian recommended tick and flea prevention, Frontline Plus, to help you get your pets protected from ticks, fleas, and rabies!

Not only do we sell your Frontline Plus for LESS than the big stores and online sites but we are also giving your pet a FREE Rabies Vaccination just for buying Frontline! This JUNE, your pet receives a *FREE RABIES VACCINATION when you purchase 6 months of Frontline Plus.

Now you may be thinking “we don’t have fleas in ticks in Arizona”. However, Arizona has the highest incidence of the tick borne disease Ehrlichiosis- 10 times more than any other state in the United States! In addition, if your dog goes to the dog park, the river or lakes, the Hualapais or other mountainous areas, camping or hiking with you, or if you travel to other parts of the country that have grass or wooded areas, <> can be exposed to ticks and fleas due to other animals bringing them into those areas. Protect <> with Frontline Plus! Learn more about ticks by visiting

You can mix and match sizes of Frontline. Buy 3 months for your dog and 3 months for your cat. Or buy 3 months for your little dog and 3 months for your big dog.

Call us today at 928-757-7979 and schedule to bring your dog or cat for his or her FREE RABIES Vaccination. You simply pay for 6 months of Frontline Plus and for your pet’s physical examination and they will receive their Rabies Vaccination for free.

*Purchase of 6 months of Frontline Plus and purchase of physical exam are required. Frontline must be purchased at the same time the vaccination is given. Limit 1 free Rabies vaccination per 6 months of Frontline purchased.

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