Did you know that the American Association of Feline Practitioners recommend that cats be examined at least once a year? Bringing your cat in for an exam will allow us to detect subtle signs of illness which could prevent them from staying healthy and living a long life!

Cats are excellent at hiding illness and you may not notice the signs of a health problem until it has reached an advanced stage. Prevention is preferable to treatment and detecting a problem early can spare your cat from needless suffering and spare you some expense! If your kitty lives indoors, they can still be at risk for health problems and the older that a cat gets, the greater their risk becomes for certain age related illnesses, making prevention and early intervention especially important.

Call us today at 928-757-7979 and schedule your cat for a complete physical examination. Be sure to mention this article when you call and we will give you 15% off your cat’s entire visit (food excluded). Your pet will receive a full examination where we will discuss vaccinations, diet, blood testing, review ways to keep them healthy and go over any problems or changes you may have noticed with your feline friend.

This savings is only good now through September 30th, 2011 so hurry and call today! Limit one offer per cat. We look forward to seeing you and your kitty soon!

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