dog-washStockton Hill Animal Hospital would like to invite you to bring your pets in during the month of May for our American Cancer Society Pet Wash. During the entire month of May we will be providing discounted baths for pets in an effort to raise money for our cause. All profits will go to the American Cancer Society.

We will also be participating in the Relay for Life walk downtown on June 6th. We invite you to join our team “Critters for the Cure” in our cause to help find the cure for cancer. Call us today to find out more! This is a great cause and we are happy to be a part of it.

Come in to Stockton Hill Animal Hospital to see the many other ways you and your pet can help the American Cancer Society find a cure! Call us today at 928-757-7979 to schedule your pet’s bath or to join our relay team. There’s never been a better reason to get your pet squeaky clean!

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