As pets age their needs change. When their faces start to gray and their steps start to slow, there are ways to ensure your pet’s senior years are comfortable and healthy.

At Stockton Hill Animal Hospital we carry Resources products. These all natural supplements help animals of all ages to feel their best the natural way. One product we carry called Canine Join Support Plus was developed specifically to nutritionally support dogs suffering from a variety of joint problems. We also carry a Resourcesproduct called Feline Pain Plus. This can help senior cats who have developed pain in their joints as well.

Senior Blood Work:
It is important to perform annual screening tests on all pets to ensure that there are no undetected medical conditions that may endanger their health. Senior pets are at a higher risk then younger pets for abnormalities in their organs or blood. We offer discounted senior blood work packages that will test your pet for any of these abnormalities. If we find any abnormalities in your pet’s blood work we can start a treatment plan to correct them and make your pet feel better.

Senior Pet Food:
A quality pet food is critical in keeping your pet healthy and active in their senior years.
Help your older pets stay healthy on the inside and looking great on the outside with Science Diet® senior food. It has everything a senior pet needs to stay fit, strong and full of vitality. Plus, Hill’s super antioxidant blend promotes overall health and natural immunity, too, so your pet remains healthy throughout their senior years.

Vitamin Supplements can be a great way to ensure your older pet is receiving the appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals. Resources
has an antioxidant formula for both dogs and cats that is full of antioxidants. This will help get rid of free radicals which can initiate many diseases. We also carry Daily Health Vitamins and Minerals Plus for dogs which has maximized nutrition for your pet.

Senior Dental Care:
Dental disease is very common in older dogs and cats. This painful disease can be easily avoided by setting up a regular brushing routine and professional dental cleaning. We carry many other products that will help keep your pet’s teeth clean after their dental is done. We offer FREE dental exams at Stockton Hill Animal Hospital to check your pet’s teeth and gums. We are also having a 10% off dental special in the month of December 2008. Call today to set up an appointment with our Veterinarian.

While this is not a complete list of products to help your senior pet, it gives you some good ideas to help make your senior pet more comfortable. With care and attention, your senior pet will continue to live a full and fruitful life as a member of your family.

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