Bad breath, yuck! It gives a whole new meaning to the word potty mouth, doesn’t it? It’s time to flush away those worries because there are steps you can take to help prevent dental disease!

Free, yes you read that correctly, free dental check-ups are offered by simply making an appointment. Early detection is the key to saving those precious teeth and prevent pain and discomfort associated with dental disease.

With all the rot and decay that can be seen in a pet’s mouth, sometimes veterinarians are mistaken as oral morticians! The great news is that we can remove bacteria and infection by placing your pet safely under anesthesia and give those teeth a good, thorough cleaning. A clean mouth is vital to your pet’s health.

Can you imagine what your mouth would be like if you only relied on abrasive foods to keep your teeth clean? Your pet’s teeth are no different than your own aside from shape. They suffer from the same dental maladies that we do. Get yourself pet approved toothpaste and a good toothbrush/fingerbrush and brush those teeth every single day! Don’t know how? We would be happy to demonstrate this process for you.

A diet that promotes healthy teeth usually doesn’t include canned food. Its high moisture content and non-abrasive action fails to ensure proper oral health. Dry food is best due to its “brushing” action every time your pet chews.

With many treats designed with your pet’s oral health in mind, treats are now fashioned in the form of edible toothbrushes, treats with special enzymes to assist in breaking down tartar and preventing the buildup of plaque, and crunchy cookies. None of these treats are designed to take the place of regular dental cleanings or brushing of the teeth; but in conjunction with other actions, dental designed treats can play an important part in your pet’s oral health. We can guide you towards your next purchase of yummy treats for your pet.

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