A great question deserves a great answer and here it is, because it is important!

Why is it important?

Your pet not only deserves a good physical examination from the outside, but equally important is the examination performed on the inside and blood work allows us to do just that.  We get a sneek peek inside your pet’s body by checking the health of your pet’s vital organs and blood cells.

Animals are literally masters at disguising illness until it gets to the point where it can no longer remain hidden.  Early detection is the key in promoting a long and healthy life for your best buddy.

There are different blood tests available for every situation.  The doctor will best determine what type of testing is appropriate for your critter in sickness and in health.

Now you have a better understanding as to why it is necessary to perform blood work on all pets.  When would be a good time for us to see your furred family member?

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