Above is an incidence map showing cases of Heartworm, Ehrlichia, and Lyme disease present in Mohave County.

Each year thousands of dogs contract Lyme disease, Heartworm disease, and Ehrlichia.  Ticks and mosquitoes can be present anywhere, even in your own back yard. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes and is a serious and potentially fatal threat to dogs. Lyme disease is caused by ticks and signs are difficult to detect and may not appear until several months after infection. Canine Ehrlichia is also caused by ticks and like Lyme disease, warning signs may not be readily apparent.

Despite the availability of simple testing, prevention, and treatment options, many people don’™t know their dog is suffering from these debilitating diseases until it’™s too late. The good news is we can screen for these diseases with an simple blood test that can be preformed here at the animal hospital on your pet’s next visit.

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