This is Savannah, a Boston Terrier who was stolen out of her yard just several days ago. Her owners have been frantic trying to find her. They did everything that most people do, call the shelter, call the animal hospitals, post flyers, go out looking for her, hoping they can find her somewhere, somehow. Often times, pets are found but their owners are never discovered because they have no tags, no collars, no way to contact their owners. Fortunately, Savannah had a big advantage. She was permanently identified with an AVID Microchip and thanks to that little chip, her owners were found. When a pet is lost, they can be brought to an animal hospital or shelter that has a microchip scanner and their AVID microchip # can be found. Then the hospital or shelter can call AVID with that number and if they have been registered with AVID, then AVID has the owner’s name and contact information so they can let them know where there pet is and reunite the family! Her parents are so happy she’s been found and are rushing over to be reunited with Savannah now! We recommend identifying all your pet’s with an AVID Microchip today! Call 757-7979 for more information or attend our AVID Clinic on 7/29 from 6-7pm for 50% off the AVID Microchip, including lifetime registration!!

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