Right now allergies are in full swing for pets and for people. But some owners have something worse than seasonal allergies, they are allergic to their pets. This can be pretty devastating to find out you are allergic to your beloved friends. Here are some helpful tips to try and help minimize allergies to your furry friends.

1. Visit a reputable allergist
-insist on thorough testing
-remove all “other” allergens in home
-desensitizing shots (immunotherapy) can be very effective

2. Clear the air
-have at least one good air purifier with HEPA filter
-keep pets out of bedroom

3. Allergy-proof your home
-have as many washable surfaces as possible (ie wood floors, blinds, roll-up shades)
-desensitize sleeping area at minimum (ie non-allergenic bedding, waterbed)
-let someone else vacuum

4. Manage the pet
-groom/brush daily (preferable someone without allergies); wipe down cats with barely damp cloth once daily
-feed a complete, balanced diet
-let someone else care for the litterbox and the dust that comes with it

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