About 2 weeks ago a little girl and her father came into the hospital with a couple day old black kitten they found on the side of the road. Part of her left rear leg had been chewed (most likely from it’s mom) to just below the knee. They couldn’t keep her so they brought her here, not knowing what we would do with her but figuring we would most likely put her to sleep. Well, my receptionist Ashly comes back with this pathetic black kitten in her hands and asks me what can we do. She really looked so helpless in Ashly’s hands, her poor little leg chewed. So I thought, what the heck, let’s see if we can save this little kitty. So that afternoon, we put Delores under anesthesia and amputated her leg at the mid thigh. We honestly didn’t think she would make it through the surgery, being so young and going through quite a bit of trauma in such a short period of time in her very short life. But Delores came through surgery like a trooper! She handled anesthesia like a pro and recovered very well. I was really worried about her being in pain afterwards but as soon as she was awake, we offered her a bottle and she was completely content.

Delores just had her sutures removed yesterday and has been doing great. Ashly has decided that Delores is going to stay with her. She’s become quite attached to Delores since she has had to bottle feed her since she came here. She is growing every day and is getting more and more active and more and more demanding for her food! We expect her to have no problem getting around on 3 legs since that will be all she has ever known. We all have enjoying watching Delores grow and having the opportunity to give her a chance at life!

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