Rattlesnakes are out in full force!  The following pictures are of “Sarah” a 4 year old German Shorthair pointer who was recently bit by a Diamondback and came to our hospital on emergency earlier this month.  These pictures were taken about 2 hours after Sarah was bitten.  Sarah was one of the lucky ones, her owners were able to afford treatment which included antivenom.  Sarah was NOT vaccinated with the Red Rock Biologics’ Rattlesnake Vaccination. If she had been, we could have expected her to have a less severe reaction, most likely would not have needed antivenom or hospitilization for 2 days and could have saved her parents a lot of money and worry.  The Rattlesnake vaccination helps to neutralize the toxin from a Diamond back bite immediately, lessening the severity of reaction to the bite.  We still recommend seeing your veterinarian if your dog is bit by a rattlesnake, even if it is vaccinated.  The Rattlesnake Vaccination is available now for dogs.  Visit http://www.redrockbiologics.com/ to learn more about this important vaccine. Please call 757-7979 to schedule to get your dog protected today!

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