Oliver and his new Family

Oliver and his new Family

Yesterday we had a client call up pretty frantic. A stray mother cat and her kittens had found their way into their vehicle’s engine area. Unfortunately, they had no idea this family was hiding out and when they started the engine…tragedy struck. The mother ran off but there were 4 babies that were badly injured. The client called us immediately to see if she could bring the kittens down as they needed to be euthanized due to their injuries. Unfortantely, they died in transit 🙁 However, one little black kitten managed to somehow not get injured in this tragedy!

Well, it turns out that one of our good clients were looking for a new addition to their family. They came by yesterday to see this little baby and fell in love! They have adopted him into their family and have named him “Oliver Twist”. Oliver is very fortunate to have found a wonderful home with Zach, Tawny and their other cat “Orphan Annie”.

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